"Love your enemies!"

Instructor - Arno Gaultier
Arno started Aikido in 1987 (age 13) and passed his black belt in 1996. He had been the Uchi-deshi (main student) of Joël Fournier (3rd dan) for over 5 years.

Over the last 25 years, he has attended seminars in France, Ireland and the UK with Japanese(1) & French(2) senseis, followed an Aikido instructor’s training for 6 years with Joël Roche (6th dan) and spent 2 weeks in Tokyo (2004) attending daily classes at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, the Aikido World Centre.

Arno had been teaching Aikido for over 8 years until he moved to Ireland in 2002. Since then, he practised with Cyril Lagrasta (5th dan) at Dublin Aikikai and with Detta Dickinson (4th dan) at NUI Maynooth. Having moved to Dundalk 2 years ago, he feels compelled to develop Aikido in County Louth.

Arno now wishes to share his 30+ years of experience. A French proverb says: "Student surpasses the Master". It might define a Master as the one who allows his students to surpass him". Please join us to be one of those who surpasses Arno & let him qualify as such then!

1) Yamaguchi Sensei (9th dan), Nishio Sensei (8th dan), Saotome Sensei (8th dan), Endo Sensei (8th dan), Yasuno Sensei (8th dan),
2) Christian Tissier (7th dan Shihan), Franck Noël (7th Dan), Philippe Gouttard (6th dan), Bruno Zanotti (6th dan), Joël Roche (6th dan), Luc Mathevet (6th dan).


Dundalk Aikido is affiliated to Dublin Aikikai, with technical directors Philippe Gouttard & Cyril Lagrasta;
and to the FFAAA whose technical directors are Christian Tissier and Franck Noël.